Morning Group


Morning group focuses on building communication skills and peer relationships. Clients take turns presenting the weather, time, month, day while their peers listen, clap, and support one another. This time is also designed to assist with building and retention of basic cognitive skills often lost after leaving the school system including: counting, alphabet, address memorization, and the Pledge of Allegiance. During morning group, consumers working on individual goals will report on sporting event outcomes, reports on a selected topic, and other current events to help orient peers to the world around them.


EVERY DAY @ 11:30-12 • 30 MINUTES

Each afternoon, clients walk together while music plays and staff prepare lunches. This is a time that clients are able to socialize with their peers, while actively working to improve their overall health. During this time, clients often show support to one another by pushing wheelchairs, holding hands with those that need assistance walking, and helping to motivate each other. When the weather permits, we often make the choice to walk around the building outside and enjoy some fresh air. 


Goal Achievement

EVERY DAY @ 10-11:30am and 1:30-pm • 3 hours

During group work time, clients sit alongside their peers and assigned staff member while working on their own individual goals from a visual schedule. Goals are specifically designed to help clients build strengths in the areas that the individual, alongside their support team, desires to improve. Although DMH requires a 1:6 clients/staff ration, Day Solutions policy is to provide a 1:4 client/staff ratio to ensure each client receives the attention and support needed to achieve their goals.

Daily Activities

EVERY DAY @ 8-9am, 3:15-4:15pM • 2 hours

Each morning, clients work on individual activities, or at stations of their choice. In the afternoons, we do a variety of activities which may include bingo, karaoke, games in small groups, sensory activities and crafts. Activities may be based on an upcoming holiday, client requests and fun and craft ideas our staff come up with. Each month, we post photos of what we did the previous month. You can find last months photos here