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All consumers at Day Solutions have an Individualized Plan which lists specific goals the consumer wants to work on and the type of services used to assist the consumer in meeting their goals. 

Day Solutions is contracted with the Missouri Department of Mental Health to provide a variety of services. These services include:

Day Habilitation

Day Habilitation is completed in a group setting both on and off campus. Day Habilitation is the primary service provided at Day Solutions and focuses on assisting clients in acquiring, improving, and retaining self-help, socialization, and adaptive skills necessary to participate successfully in the community around them.  This service is provided with a one staff to six client ratio, per Missouri Department of Mental Health regulations. However, Day Solutions typically provides a one staff to four client ratio, as we’ve found smaller staff to client ratios yield more successful results.

Day Habilitation Medical Exception

Day Solutions employs both a Registered Nurse and several Certified Nursing Assistants.  Our qualified employees allow Day Solutions to provide a higher level of care to clients with medical concerns.  This service provides the opportunity for a potential client with medically complex needs to access community based services and integration to the fullest extent of their capabilities. 

Day Habilitation Behavior Exception

When a client requires Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services Day Solutions can provide one to one staffing to assist the client in achieving both their ABA and Day Habilitation goals. 

Community Integration Individual

Community Integration assists and or teaches participation in specific community activities the client desires to be a part of. These activities or skills are targeted in a one client to one staff ratio in the community, where skills are developed to assist the client in fully integrating into the activity.  This could include becoming a member of a club, volunteering, recreational or spiritual activities. 

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