For Adults with Developmental Disabilities

spent 8 years as a teachers aide for young adults with a broad range of disabilities; helping them to meet IEP, speech and physical goals. She is fluent in American Sign Language and has volunteered at Friday Night Recreation, and Camp Wonderland. 

Tammy spent 18 years operating a licensed daycare facility for toddlers and preschoolers before moving to Kirchner State School, where she

Stephanie is an R.N. with over 30 years experience in Nursing and 10 years working in the Mental Health field. She specializes in geriatric care and 

at Osage County Special Services as Direct Care Staff for the last four years. Christy was also a cognitive coach at Brain Balance Achievement, where she provided tutoring services to special needs individuals ages 3-18 for over two years. 

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Kelli is a licensed CNA, CMA and pharmacy technician. Kelly spent five years working at an ISL, supporting children in the foster system by helping to provide 

Holly has a wealth of experience through her attendance at the College for Direct Support Staff and previous work history at Wilson's Fitness Kids and Cole County

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Tiffany has ten years experience dealing with adults with disabilities and five years professional management and employee training. 

Dianna has spent the last 15 years helping those in need. She spent 2 years at a child care facility before moving on to become a teachers aide at Kirchner State

Residential Services Inc. where she worked as a Direct Care Staff member. Holly and her family enjoy volunteering their time with local organizations to help provide support to patients suffering from Alzheimer's and Dementia. Holly is also a volunteer for Day Solutions Foundation.

Danielle is a licensed Speech Pathologist, providing services since 2000. She has a Masters Degree in Communication Disorders from Truman State and 

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founded Speak-Easy LLC in 2007. Danielle has extensive experience working with both children and adults with developmental disabilities and is contracted through the DD division of DMH as well as Missouri's State Schools for the Severely Disabled.

she helped adults with DD find permanent employment. Kaylee will help to coordinate employment services for Day Solutions later this year. She has volunteered assisting teachers at the Special Learning Center and hopes to someday pursue a career in Speech Therapy. 

individuals with disabilities in the public school system after graduation. She particularly enjoys helping clients build confidence through group activities, and helping them to master classroom taught skills in real life settings. Darian also volunteers with Day Solutions Foundation.

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Kaylee joins us from the Center for Autism Education in St. Louis and has also been employed as an Employment Consultant with 1st Choice Agency where 

Christy has a passion for helping others and aspires to become a kindergarten teacher. She has an associates in Early Childhood Development and she has worked part-time 

assistance with daily needs and care. Kelli also spent three years at Kirchner State school, prior to coming to Day Solutions, where she  worked one-on-one with children and young adults with disabilities, helping them to meet the goals of their Individual Education Plans.  

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to make other people feel good and she believes that there is value in putting your best foot forward and sharing her positivity with those around her. Christina is also a volunteer with the Day Solutions Foundation and is currently earning her 2017 President's Service Award.

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Day Solutions's mission is to provide a safe and stimulating day program where adults with developmental disabilities can learn, grow and develop relationships with their peers and actively participate in the community around them. 

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School. Dianna worked at Kirchner for 12 years side by side with children and young adults ages 5-21 helping to build their confidence and reach their goals through continued support and encouragement. Her experience and optimism bring a great deal of joy to our facility. 

comes to us from a background in Nursing Home Administration. She has a lifetime of experience caring for special needs individuals and has volunteered her services and time for Special Olympics, Camp Guardian and the Day Solutions Foundation.

She has a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Missouri State and is currently working on earning a Masters Degree in Applied Behavior Analysis. She is a lifetime member of the Psi-Chi National Honors Society and recipient of the Gold Presidents Award. 

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Christina was one of the first from Lincoln University to begin and complete our 90 day internship. She aspires to someday be a life coach and to mentor. She loves

Darian is currently a Junior at Lincoln University pursing a Bachelor's in Special Education. She has 2 years experience in Child Developmental and plans to teach